Cannabao Cultivation

Dba. Cannabao Cultivation will create a network of partners to minimize the risk by formulating fully interactive sales, marketing and vertical supply chain from seed to final specialty crop sales. We will accomplish this by becoming the leading specialty crop – hemp producer, consultant and cultivator in Guam. Cannabao will offer excellent hemp farming consultation, instituting uniform systems and providing high-quality genetics. We are seeking to be an international supplier by setting the standards and pricing in the industry for the territory of Guam.

If you are planning to cultivate specialty crops, we can to help you from the ground up with the following; erecting a farm, irrigation from natural or municipal water source, plotting the land, sheet mulching, nutrients, organic fertilizers, pest control, testing soil levels and much more.

CC’s Cultivation, Harvesting, and Processing

At harvest, workers harvest the hemp by hand removing the buds. Once dried, the flaky plant material is fed through a grinder. The plant material is then processed for oil extraction. We use high-tech automated equipment to extract CBD oil to ultimately cut down labor and processing time.