Why Invest in Infused CBD Edibles

Manja Nirvana seeks initial capital investment to facilitate the activities necessary to cultivate unlimited hemp within one acre (4,046.86 SM) of land. Diversified and sustainable agriculture is our plan. We can grow our own specialty crops, hemp and nutritious vegetables for ourselves and for our community.

Manja Nirvana and its Cannabao Cultivation and Pacific Ganja Manufacturing dba’s will lead the industry in innovation and eatables manufacturing.  We want our customers to perceive Manja Nirvana as a provider of quality eatables with and without CBD or THC, supplying marketable goods to local and regional wholesalers.



Manja Nirvana seeks initial capital investment of   $4 million to facilitate the activities necessary to cultivate and manufacture unlimited hemp within five acres of land and to build a factory that produces candy, chocolate, and baked goods. The project consists of purchasing and constructing a 40,000 square foot warehouse with all the equipment required in factory operation.

Mission & Vision

The goal of Manja Nirvana is to foster the development of Agriculture cultivation of Specialty Crop (Hemp) industry. The Hemp industry is emerging rapidly throughout the world. We believe the proper way to foster cultivation within the industry is to establish a professional environment—where the benefits of regulated expert cultivation processes are paired with the safe and knowledgeable distribution of products.

Position in the Market

A leader in the South East Region and Northernmost Marianas for Manufacturing of CBC Edibles.

Product Category 1 – Chocolates

Product Category 2 – Bakery Items, muffins, cookies, and cakes

Product Category 3 – Hard and Soft Candies

Product Category 4 – CBC Oil

Key Metrics

Based on current market pricing, the Company projects annual gross revenue from sales of processed edibles of $ $15,133,185 million in the first year with a net profit of 47.1% based on current market pricing and expected market demand for CBD eatables.


Established October 2018

Company Type

Agriculture – Manufacturing